I help couples craft their own intentional, and deeply emotive experiences in order to create a cinematic and artful retelling of their stories as they unravel. These experiences accentuate who they are, revealing how soulful and sacred their commitment is to each other.

I show couples how to blend the realm of adventure with luxury and personal authenticity, allowing them to design a wedding day that is truly a reflection of themselves and the inner most facets of their relationship.

The imagery we create together mirror these things - leaving you with heirlooms that encapsulate the era of your love profoundly.

an experience born from unearthing pockets of sentiment and emotional connection.

If this is what you want, you've landed in the right place. 

You're here because

You want sovereignty in the way you choose to articulate your love. 

You want an experience, not a formality.

Doing things Your way feels wholesome, and society's feels superficial.

You prefer your partner's company above all else. 

Let's Dive In

your wedding day should be a reflection of how your love feels.

(Your photos should, too.)

  • Give yourselves an immersive sensory experience. Science has shown us how vividly we are able to correlate memories and feelings with each of our senses.

  • Create memories together that can be turned into tangible photographs and keepsakes that really do feel just like your love does. 

  • Forget rigid timelines, they're a thing of the past. Do things on your time at a pace that satisfies you.

  • Make it a point to invest in yourselves, verses investing in the ideas and opinions of others at your own expense. 

  • Redefine tradition. Discover or invent your own, refine what "tradition" actually means to you and your partner. 

  • Let the sole focus of the experience remain in line with your commitment to each other, and what feels right to the both of you.

When you think about how we, (humans), transfer our thoughts and our ideas to others, we project differently on an individual level. The same is true when it comes to love - how we give it, receive it, and express it. 

This is why I challenge you to shift your perception of a marriage ceremony. Move away from the idea that it has to be an event that is highly structured with little opportunity to truly personalize it. Instead, move closer to the idea that it can be an exhilarating experience with roots deep in genuine desire and customization.

This is a time in your life where you are honoring the sanctity and intimacy of your commitment to your partner. In this day and age, there are boundless ways to rectify and celebrate marriage. There are no rules. 

deciding to elope, or celebrate intimately is a cathartic rite.

Put yourselves first.

Investment ranges $3k - $8k

elopements + Destination weddings

However you've imagined this day to be, you deserve to be swept away with copious sensations of whimsy and wanderlust. You should find liberation in choosing to celebrate in a way that illuminates who you are, your values as a couple, and the love that you carry upon your sleeves. 

We'll work together closely, designing the wedding day that's been pulled from the facets of your imagination. Every part of our experience together is thoughtfully curated to be built and molded to fit you and your partner. We will create a strong planning foundation to ensure that you get everything that you want, leaving behind anything that you don't.

Every Elopement and Destination Wedding package starts with a few key elements that allow you to easily change and adapt what options work for you, while adding the things you want.

- Flexible coverage

- Fully edited, high-resolution digital gallery

- Low resolution photos

- International and domestic locations available

- Online slideshow

- Mixed media gallery

Here's what you can expect 

(Based on what you need and want.)

(Perfect for printing)

(Perfect for sharing online)

(Near or far, i'm there)

(relive the best parts of your day)

(35mm film, polaroids, or super 8)

Get started

Intimate Wedding experiences best serve those expecting 20 or less of their closest friends and family to join them for their marital celebration. 

Each experience is customizable to each couple's preferences.

Investment ranges $3k - $6k

For couples celebrating a milestone, a new season of life, or simply just because they want to enjoy each other's company..(think engagements, anniversaries, entering parenthood).

Each experience is customizable to each couple's preferences.

Investment ranges $500 - $2k

Don't see what you're looking for?

Inquire anyways, I will always welcome and consider other projects you don't see here.

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Ciana and Ryan do an amazing job at something I haven't experienced through anyone else...and that is creating real, raw, genuine, memorable moments through the photography experience. As we started our session, it was not just poses and getting the shots. We were able to relax and create naturally beautiful moments for them to photograph and tell our story because they made us feel so comfortable. They brought out the joy, the laughter, and most importantly the love you can feel through our collection of photos. Their passion for their work brings out their passion for each other. Their energy cultivates photos that have an incredible amount of emotion and depth. My husband and I are obsessed with our photos. They truly deliver the most perfect experience every time. Ciana is so naturally talented and Ryan is her perfect teammate. They are kind, warm, and you become friends with them. We are so thankful!

Book with Wild Elements Photography...they're a dream and you will be so happy you did!"

“I look back at them and can feel like I'm there all over again - it's something i've never experienced before through anyone else's work."


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"My first experience shooting with Ciana was for my engagement photos.. prior to that I have never done any kind of professional photos before that! It felt so natural & the photos came out SO beautiful! she truly has such a beautiful vision when it comes to photography & it shows in her work. After seeing my engagement photos, there was no question of who I'd have as my photographer for my wedding! Ciana is truly the best"

“when I tell you she made it the best experience ever, I truly mean that!"


"My experience with Ciana was for my elopement. We wanted to stay local to our area, so she suggested a flower field, which couldn’t have been more perfect. Before we got there, she messaged me and offered to make a bouquet for our time, which I agreed to, and it was so beautiful. She incorporated my favorite color and included a bunch of herbs, which completely matched the style we were going for. For us, posing is difficult and we sometimes look too awkward with each other in photos, but our experience with Ciana was different from any other photographers we’ve worked with. She helped us pose, but with the poses feeling natural and loving, instead of forced and uncomfortable. Throughout our time together, she also had such positive and encouraging remarks to say to us - telling us how cute we were and how great the shots were. We are not big fans of PDA, so kissing in front of others is not our favorite, but Ciana is so relaxed and fun, it really didn’t bother us. Near the end of our day, it was really hot so we went to the creek on the property we were at. She was so down, and had no problem getting right in the water with us to capture the perfect angle. We all left soaked, but it was so fun. I’ve known Ciana for a long time, but had never seen her in “her element”, but it’s obvious photography is that for her. She is so passionate about it and excited. There is nothing she seems to love more than working with people and capturing great images, which makes working with her extremely fun and easy. For future photos, she will definitely be our go to.”

“Her energy is unmatchable, from the time we got there to the time we left, she had such a positive attitude and really made us feel like the center of attention."

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